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  Boiler Efficiency Calculation via ASME PTC 4.1 Method  
  Data Input Sheet  
    Test Description:  
  Fuel Data:         Ash Data:        
    Carbon C (%)   Ash Location Ash Split (%) LOI (%)  
    Hydrogen H2 (%)   Bottom Ash    
    Sulfur S (%)   Economizer Ash    
    Oxygen O2 (%)   Precipitator or Baghouse Ash    
    Nitrogen N2 (%)   Total Ash      
    Moisture H2O (%)   Economizer Exit Gas Data:        
    Ash   (%)   Excess O2  (% by Vol)   OR   Excess Air (% by Weight)    
    Other   (%)   Carbon Monoxide   (ppm)  
    Total:   (%)   O2 Measurement Basis:   1 = Wet,   0 = Dry    
    HHV   (Btu/lbm)   Air Heater Exit Gas Data:        
          Excess O2   (% by Vol)  
  Moisture in Air (lb/lb dry air)   O2 Measurement Basis:   1 = Wet,   0 = Dry    
  Additional Moisture (lb/100lb fuel)   Air, Gas & Fuel Temperatures:        
  NOTES:       Calculation Reference Temp   (OF)   
  1.  Calculation per ASME PTC 4.1 1964   FD Fan Inlet Air Temp   (OF)   
  2.  Yellow fields indicate user input data.   Boiler Gas Exit Temp Corrected (Measured) (OF)   
  3.  Data in white fields is auto-calculated.   Fuel Temperature (Default = Tref)   (OF)   
  4.  Enter economizer exit O2 or excess air,   To correct the efficiency for "Uncorrected AH Gas Outlet      
       whichever is known.  Program will   Temperature",  enter "1" at right.  If not, leave blank.    
       assume values less than 10.0% are   Boiler Efficiency Losses, Manual Input:      
       O2 and values greater than 10.0% are   Radiation and convection  (Default = .17) (%)  
       excess air.       Unaccounted for Losses Default = .50) (%)  
          Manufacturers margin Default = 1.00) (%)  

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